Webhosting as SEO ranking factor?

Search engine optimization is important and is becoming increasingly important. This is not a day on which you can not read anything about ranking factors because there are plenty. Title, content, headings, etc. All of which are on-page elements that you have to keep in mind, if you want to get good rankings.

But also because things like the loading time of a site must always be important to have an eye on it. And in technology, everything is the place where a website is hosted. This raises the question on web hosting as a “real” SEO ranking factor and how to achieve it, that one’s website is on as good foundation as possible.

Technical Connection is important

If you take it exactly that way – web hosting is a ranking factor – with far-reaching consequences. Background: just a quick and sophisticated connection can ensure that a site is also quickly delivered in accordance. So if you look at in the terms of web hosting, it is extremely useful to consider the technical aspects. Depending on what kind of project you want to build, the hoster can determine success or failure.

There is a problem when pages load slowly. We know it from our own experience: if a website does not open fast enough, then there is no more user looks today more than one or two seconds. What may work for smaller projects with manageable traffic numbers yet, is at a larger site.

Shop Hosting with professional shop applications

Most shop hosting providers from our comparison rely on professional shop software. The offered web hosting packages are therefore tailored to the needs of the selected application, which guarantees smooth operation. Due to the increasing demand countless Store applications are now available, the most well-known, we would like to present here:

Store Hosting: Magento

The shop software Magento is available since 2008 and has since been developed and marketed by the same company in the USA. There is both a free open source version available, as well as paid versions, in which the customer is entitled to technical support. Magento uses PHP 5 and MySQL databases based Zend Framework. A Magento store hosting is the most frequently used online shop application worldwide.

Store Hosting: OXID eShop

OXID eShop is available since 2008 as an open source application. The eSales AG by the German company OXID shop in Freiburg developed based on the scripting language PHP 5.2 and is divided into individual modules. Again, there are paid versions with support and maintenance contracts and a free community edition. Thanks to the modular structure, A OXID eShop Hosting offers very good possibilities for scaling.

Store Hosting: Shopware

Store product is from Germany, the first version was published in 2004. Since 2010 is also a free Community Edition. While customers of the commercial version are entitled to support from the manufacturer, users of the open source version can access a huge community to solve technical problems or configuration requests. A Shopware hosting is due to the ease of use also recommended for beginners.

SEO Hosting

The term “hosting”

To make Web pages available on the internet, you need a computer that is constantly connected to the Internet. The Internet connection must thereby have a high bandwidth in upload (usually 100 Mbit / s, but often more). A conventional ADSL connection is therefore not sufficient. These calculators are therefore in data centers that have their own connection to the broadband network.

The hardware is different than in a traditional desktop PC. Each computer has its own IP address and is called servers. When hosting multiple websites 100 / accounts are set up/connected up to one server usually. All sites share the system resources of the server: the hard disk, the processing power, memory, and also the IP address. This place is called shared hosting.

The providers of these services, so the owner/tenant of the server: Hoster.

SEO Hosting

An important field of search engine optimization is link building. Linking can best control while maintains its own websites/domains. However, all domains in the same hosting account have the same IP address. However, the IP popularity is an important criterion in Google ranking. Because Google knows that all domains are assigned to the same owner and therefore rated the links below.

What can you do?

You can order multiple hosting accounts. If these belong to same hoster, chances are that you still get the same IP address.

You can order more IPs. But these are then not far from the existing IP address with high probability. (In the same class C network). So there is no choice, as many different accounts at many different hosters to buy. But this is not only expensive but also time consuming. With domains you have to change partially, you get zich different bills, you have many different speakers.

The best solution is called SEO hosting. This is the Hoster different accounts available that are on different servers in different data centers.


  • The domains can be managed centrally
  • You can define at which differnet itself. IP address should be the domains

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