Webhosting as SEO ranking factor?

Search engine optimization is important and is becoming increasingly important. This is not a day on which you can not read anything about ranking factors because there are plenty. Title, content, headings, etc. All of which are on-page elements that you have to keep in mind, if you want to get good rankings.

But also because things like the loading time of a site must always be important to have an eye on it. And in technology, everything is the place where a website is hosted. This raises the question on web hosting as a “real” SEO ranking factor and how to achieve it, that one’s website is on as good foundation as possible.

Technical Connection is important

If you take it exactly that way – web hosting is a ranking factor – with far-reaching consequences. Background: just a quick and sophisticated connection can ensure that a site is also quickly delivered in accordance. So if you look at in the terms of web hosting, it is extremely useful to consider the technical aspects. Depending on what kind of project you want to build, the hoster can determine success or failure.

There is a problem when pages load slowly. We know it from our own experience: if a website does not open fast enough, then there is no more user looks today more than one or two seconds. What may work for smaller projects with manageable traffic numbers yet, is at a larger site.

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